Super Brief Book Review: The Jonathan Grave Series

Most of my favorite works of fiction are typically old timey (e.g. Victorian era) where the authors are long deceased. However, once a year, when on vacation with my sister and her family, we binge purchase new paperbacks to sample fiction from authors we typically wouldn't read. The 2021 family vacation book haul contained Stealth … Continue reading Super Brief Book Review: The Jonathan Grave Series

Fish in the Water

Captain Hass was still laughing when the looming tower-like fin of a submarine glided alongside their lifeboats.  For years, a hijacking operation targeted yachts and small ocean liners resulting in stolen ships and victims abandoned in lifeboats. Scores of lives and livelihoods had been disrupted and ruined to the degree of bankruptcy and suicide however, … Continue reading Fish in the Water

Jail or Hell

"I hate you," grumbled the priest, seated in a dusty corner and handcuffed to a pipe. "I hate you more," growled the gangster. Wearing clothes easily worth more than $2000, the gangster boss was also seated, handcuffed to another pipe across the basement. The Detective looked over from leaning over several maps spread across a … Continue reading Jail or Hell