Alaska to Florida Adventure: Last Day! We didn't really want to leave the wonderful Drury Inn & Suites (but we did anyway, FL was calling). Chick-fil-Awesome Megan hadn't had Chick-fil-A in over 5 years (Alaska doesn't have any) so we found one and hogged 5-ish parking spaces (I was loving parking sideways across multiple spots with … Continue reading Home


Alaska to Florida Adventure: The 16th Night  Still an hour out from Memphis, Megan made room reservations at a place with the fewest low ratings, accepted pets and was positioned on the road we needed to take in the morning (in light of me being the designated Uhaul driver, we wanted to keep it simple since I … Continue reading Memphica

Storm Dodging

Alaska to Florida Adventure: Days 15 & 16 Megan had originally wanted to make our next stop Nashville, TN, (she has friends there) but summer storms changed the game. As it stood, Nashville and the Northeast were under a perpetual tornado threat and Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas were under water. This left us with a narrow band … Continue reading Storm Dodging

The Wall

Alaska to Florida Adventure: Days 7 - 10.5 Megan and I kicked off the USA leg of our trek by way of I-5 south to US-2 (to avoid Seattle traffic mayhem) from which we jumped onto I-90 around Spokane and headed east. Summer storms were making a racket in the Midwest and down South so we agreed … Continue reading The Wall

The Green Queen

Alaska to Florida Adventure: Days 5 & 6 The historic area on the other side of the Canadian-US border opened up to a impeccably flat farming landscape (easily the greenest place I'd ever seen). Megan called her relatives and after getting turned around (and greeting a bunch of cows His Highness mistook for giant dogs that … Continue reading The Green Queen