Milk Carton Universe (Prologue)

Printed along subtle edges of certain foods items are dates. Some dates advise sellers, some advise consumers. The most important dates are determined and issued by the Secret Department for Interdimensional Transportation and Defense---a government agency which is partly funded by the Expired Perishables Council---in effort to protect humankind (and all other living things on … Continue reading Milk Carton Universe (Prologue)

Change of Plans

Heads up, I'm postponing self-publication of "Pemberton Lane and Other Stories." Why? Backstory Time There's this unofficial, totally made-up thing called the I.B. Syndrome* . In high school the I.B. Program was made up of a small cluster of the nerdiest nerds I have ever met. (You know those stereotypes where you have the smart … Continue reading Change of Plans

In Transition

One week after spring finals, I begin my last semester of grad school (WOOOOOOO yeeeeaaaaah!! AHAHAHA, oh FINALLY!!!). It makes me happy. The LAST Semester    A couple of writing goals will be met these next 3-ish months: First, it might seem like Villainy (science fiction - involves space travel) left for a solo trip … Continue reading In Transition