Keep Breathing

Turning off the deserted highway, James Stipanuk held a stabilizing hand over his coffee as he guided the truck along an uneven gravel road. The narrow road slithered through quiet countryside until it terminated near the horizon at a gleaming black structure that pierced the chilled sky like a cloud-crowned monument. Approaching the end, he eased on the brakes as he neared a … Continue reading Keep Breathing

Jolly Jailbreak

Colin lounged in the shady corner of a roomy bamboo jail cell. At least it's nicer than the last place.  Movement outside the bars drew his eye again. The cell faced the street which allowed all sorts of people to stop and look. Last time there were kids. The time before that there were some scowling old guys with crazy long eyebrows. Who is it this - oh, it's him. The … Continue reading Jolly Jailbreak