I love stories too much. Love to love ’em. I’m like a little girl at a bunny farm when it comes to new and unpolished adventures. (Does that mean I squeal and want to hug, take home and play with all of them RIGHT NOW? Yes.)

  • I particularly enjoy improvising opening scenes (example 1, example 2)
  • If I think about any story for too long, it morphs into some sort of monstrosity which gets put on the backburner due to size and complexity. But those stories are watching me, with faces pressed to my sliding glass door: “Can you come out and play now?” Me: “NOSTOPIT!” They sulk but they never go away…

“Scenes” Suggestions:  

I have a category called “Scenes” where I keep improvised openings. Once I’ve collected a bunch of ’em (scenes), I’ll ask for suggestions to help pick which would be cool to finish and share first. I plan to complete ’em all (eventually) but I find diving into a story based on outside recommendations to be its own kind of “exciting,” like sketch comedy (performing, not watching).

(I plan to call for suggestions in August when I’ll have completed my Masters Degree. Yeah!)

If at any time you have a favorite “scene,”

Give me a heads up (or leave a quick comment, either here or on the scene’s post).

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