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Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout : Anders inherited some unusual things from his late Nana Ana, including a secret hideaway in Norway called “the island bungalow”. Armed with a few vague clues, Anders and his childhood friend Eirik trek into the Norwegian wilderness to meet a new side of his kooky grandmother. 

**First draft is completed and on Wattpad.**

The Dragon King’s Medic: Mario Zikmund is an overeducated, underpaid healthcare worker who’s in a love-hate relationship with his career. When he’s betrayed by a friend and becomes prisoner of Rosner the Dragon King, the pressure to choose between the patients he loves and his sanity disappears and he, despite being imprisoned in another realm, feels free.

When subversion threatens the dragon kingdom, Mario joins a group of subjects loyal to the king and, drawing on his degree in biomedical sciences, carves a place for himself in a vibrant world of brotherhood and adventure.

**Weekly chapter postings will begin on Sept 29 on Wattpad.**

Soon to be Published

Tea & Pelicans: David moves to a quiet neighborhood where his daily routine is disrupted by a search for an acquaintance which results in his meeting four eccentric neighbors. (literary, surrealism)

This is what I think of you

This is What I Think of You: A detective, a vampire, and a ninja walk into a beach-side gift shop, and only one of them is there on vacation.

Other Works in Progress

  1. Yarn Pirates (fantasy, adventure)
  2. Suite 410 (mystery)
  3. Ana (fantasy, adventure, YA, prequel to Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout)
  4. After You (superheroes)
  5. Unqualified Hero (fantasy)
  6. Boys with Buckets in the Surf (slice of life, graphic novel)

[Updated 07/17/2020]