Nana Ana's Bookcover

About Nana Ana’s Secret HideoutAnders inherited some unusual things from his late Nana Ana, including a secret hideaway in Norway called “the island bungalow”. Armed with a few vague clues, Anders and his childhood friend Eirik trek into the Norwegian wilderness to meet a new side of his kooky grandmother.

Soon to be Published

Tea & Pelicans A Short Story

About Tea & Pelicans: David moves to a quiet neighborhood where his tranquility is disrupted an unruly acquaintance which results in his learning about plants with ulterior motives, the emotional needs of fish, and a lost pelican.

This is what I think of you

About This is What I Think of You: A detective, a vampire, and a ninja walk into a beach-side gift shop, and only one of them is there on vacation.

Into the bungalow cover

About Into The Bungalow (sequel to Nana Ana’s Secret Hideout): Anders and Eirik explore the “island bungalow” and become entangled in the magical world that the late Nana Ana left behind.

Boys with Buckets in the Surf (graphic novel/webcomic, issue No. 1): Ilya warily allows his dream plans to be revised by a handsome stranger. Together they grapple with inspiration and regret, and what it means to live life to the fullest.

Works in Progress

  1. [Untitled Parody]
  2. [Untitled Paranormal Private Detective Story]
  3. [Untitled comic collection]
  4. “Villainy”
  5. Working Title: “Phantom Interpreter”
  6. [Untitled graphic novel, sports themed]

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