Warming Up

Nico grabbed a tightly coiled blue longe line from a shelf in the tack room of Wild Lime Stables. "He doesn't belong here," he said. Bonnie, the owner of the facility, shouldered two sets of reins and shrugged. "I got the impression that the new groom's a quick learner, hard worker, and team player with … Continue reading Warming Up

Evil’s Silence

Previous scene: Evil's Entrance First scene: Evil's Plan The distant crackle of tissue paper turned Eric’s head. From where he stood in the kitchen with Dr. Volkow, he saw his mother emerge from her bedroom with several red gift bags, each bristling with a jarring rainbow of tissue paper. “Eric, Abram!" She arranged the bags on … Continue reading Evil’s Silence

Mermaid Purses

Sitting in the cockpit of a small white-and-green sloop, I waited huddled in muted agony beneath a leaden blanket. The sloop was tethered in an improvised way to a busy pier used by working vessels of all sizes and condition; sailors of a fishing boat gliding past shouted their annoyances and insults to persuade me … Continue reading Mermaid Purses

Arbor Dog

In the nursery of a farm and garden supply store, two guys in their twenties browsed the fruit trees. One of the pair stopped and picked up a healthy little banana tree in a black plastic grower's pot. "Another tree?" His friend laughed. "Man, soon you're gonna have a whole grove." The young man with … Continue reading Arbor Dog