Writing Contest

This past spring, I was a volunteer judge for the annual short story and poetry competition for the Florida Writers Association (I think volunteers are randomly selected from members; I don't have any English/Journalism degrees and I'm not a club officer or anything; that's the only thing that makes sense). I'm grateful for the new … Continue reading Writing Contest

Minced Words!

The End Note: I was doodling aimlessly in my sketchpad today just for practice and the above sequence happened. It took maybe a hour (maybe) from start to finish --- from pencil doodles, to stupidly laughing at self (because it's probably not all that funny, but I found it hilarious), and then pouncing on my … Continue reading Minced Words!

Milk Carton Universe (Prologue)

Printed along subtle edges of certain foods items are dates. Some dates advise sellers, some advise consumers. The most important dates are determined and issued by the Secret Department for Interdimensional Transportation and Defense---a government agency which is partly funded by the Expired Perishables Council---in effort to protect humankind (and all other living things on … Continue reading Milk Carton Universe (Prologue)